Alpha Aroma Te Amo




(CH Ludvig Lillemann av Hiselfoss - CH Ramona av Hiselfoss)

HD A     AD 0/0

She has settled down with her three two legged brothers and one two legged sister.

Bildet kan inneholde: 2 personer, tre, utendørs og natur

Alpha has her forever loving home together with Ann-Kristin and Knut-Arne at Espe in the west of Norway.

Alpha is the third puppy they have from us, and we feel blessed.

They have a smaller farm where they have an old breed of Norwegian cows. I hope Alpha will learn how to herd them.

Bildet kan inneholde: sky, himmel, utendørs og natur


Bildet kan inneholde: hund og utendørs

8 weeks old