Fia Felicia"Mina"



f.06.07.2009 - d.22.11.2020 /sarcoma near the heart

HD A     AA normal


Mina’s score for both hips are 3, respectively (in total 6), this seems equal to category “A”.

According to the JADH scoring system, 0-45 will be scored in one side of hip (Total score 0-90); higher score indicates bad conditions.

They say that 0-5 (of 45) on the worse side of Hip indicates categorized as “A”, 6-10 indicating “B”…

For Mina’s case, both sides indicate 3, therefore, categorized as “A”.

Elbow: both elbows diagnosed as “Normal”

Knee: both knees diagnosed as “Normal”


certified pedigree

(CH Yo-Yo Bentley av Hiselfoss - CH Lulla Lunekjær av Hiselfoss)

Dear Gro-san,

At the end of 2020, regrettably we have to inform you of the sad news.

Mina had passed away due to sarcoma near heart on November 22nd at 11 years and 4 months old.

It took a while to recover ourselves from the sadness, so that we are informing you now.

We had very good and happy time to enjoy with her for 11 years since beautiful and calm Mina joyed us.

Taking this opportunity, again we would like to express sincere appreciation for you giving Mina to us.

With best regards,

Mieko & Hiroshi

Thank you both for taking so good care of her, and for all the love you gave her


Mina died November 2020. She has had a very hapy and great life in Japan for more than 11 years.

She is deeply missed bu her family.

Mina celebrating her 11th birthday - Happy Birthday dear girl


Mina - April 2020.

I'm so happy for every day she and her family spend together in Japan


Mina, nine years old


Mina eight years old


Mina 7 years old, living a happy life in Japan!


Mina playing in the snow, and she has enough coat for that ;)

February 2016


Mina - six years old


Five years old

Mina visiting Osaka Temple - April 2014


Mina four years old!

She enjoys playing in the water, but is not a great swimmer!


Mina won a Silver Medal at the regional obedience competition (beginner) organized by OPDES (Organization for the Promotion of Dog Education & Socialization).

Handler (Mieko) took some mistake during the performance. However, Mina was given 47.5 points/50 points (SG).


Mina enjoys life in Japan. When I see the nature, it could have been Norway!


April 2012

Mina took part in JKC obedience trial in Tokyo.

She was successfully certified CD1/CD2 (Companion Dog 1 & 2).

It was assessed 87 points/100 points (SG).

Mina in front of the Imperial Palace were the Emperor lives, in the center of Tokyo. January 2012


Dental care every evening - well done!

September 2011


May 2011

Mina is doing obedience

November 2010

The x-ray of elbows, knee and hips are done in Japan- now we just have to wait for the results!


Mina 1 year old in Japan - she might just as well been in Norway?  The nature is pretty much the same up in the mountain in Japan as it is in Norway.


April 2010 and time for the cherry blossom in Japan. Mina 9 mnths old!



6mnths old

December 2009

Mina (in the middle) with her friends.

Up in the mountain of Japan with Hanna

Relaxed in Japan with her new friends Hanna & Celi!


11 weeks old

8weeks old