Fire & Flame "Kicky"



f.06.07.2009 - d.19.11.2020

HD B    AA normal

(CH Yo-Yo Bentley av Hiselfoss - CH Lulla Lunekjær av Hiselfoss)

Kicky died November 19th.2020.

She had a great life in Japan, and was very much loved for 11 years and 4 months


Kicky - 11 years old


Bildet kan inneholde: utendørs


Bildet kan inneholde: utendørs

Kicky 10.9 years old & Icarus van't Stokerybos 10,11 years old.

They most have a wonderful and healthy life in Japan




Kicky - 8,1 years old


BernStar Annex sitt bilde.

April 2017

BernStar Annex sitt bilde.
BernStar Annex sitt bilde.


Mina & Kicky July 2015.

The sisters first meeting since they were puppies!

Back home in Japan - spring 2011

US champion, March 2011

BMDCA National Wisconsin May 2010


Winner Sweepstakes

Kicky did very well at her two first shows in Canada. 2 x Best In Show puppy & No.2 & 3 in the group

Kicky will spend some time in US - she is 9mnths at the pictures

8mnths old

Some pictures from Kicky in Japan - also together with Dare (November 1th.)

Kicky at the airport in Japan

11 weeks old

8 weeks old