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My name is Gro Solberg, and I am the founder of Kennel Hiselfoss. I live with my husband Børge, our youngest daughter Marthe and our Bernese Mountaindogs - my great passion - at Skarpsno farm in Rakkestad, which is in Østfold county approx. 45 miles southeast of Oslo.

We try to have only four dogs living with us at home, but it is hard to keep it that way -I always find a reason to keep a puppy from my litters. That is the reason why some of my dogs live elsewhere with friends.

I have had dogs since 1980, and got my first Bernese in 1991. My first litter was born in January 1998.

I am a member of the Norwegian Kennel Club(NKK), the Norwegian Bernese Mountaindog Club(NBSK) and the Swedish Mountain Dog Club(SShK). Over the years I have had, and still have different posts in the NBSK and the NKK.

I am a certified obedience level 1 instructor, obedience steward and a ring steward for the NKK. Since 1993 I have taken breeding courses, cynology courses and attended various seminars arranged by the NKK and NBSK.

My breeding is within the rules and regulations of the NKK and the NBSK!