Iver Iceman av Hiselfoss

HD A/A    AA 0/0

OCD negative   DM negative

f.01.03.2011 - d.16.11.2020 / died suddenly

(CH Tertzo's Kotori - Rikke Rimtusse av Hiselfoss)

No.1 Dog of the year 2012 in Slovak Club


Iver the week before he died, going for a bath. After this he could eat or get up for three days, and he died.

Just a few weeks later he became dad to eleven puppies.

Iver was very well taken careof and loved for 10years and 8months.

Bildet kan inneholde: plante, hund, utendørs og natur

May 2020

Bildet kan inneholde: utendørs


July 2013


Two years old working dog!


New Slovakian Champion



Iver takes Best Male with CAC and CACIB in Bratislava (August 2012)

June 2012


7mnths old

Iver is very relaxed in Tsjekkia - 10 weeks old!

8 weeks old