L-litter av Hiselfoss

f. 30.05.2012

(NJV-11 Nuch Jerobas van't Stokerybos - CH Madison av Milkcreek)









AOD 4years/gas in the abdomen


Floyd Van't Stokerybos

Born 2006/living?


Xzorba Van't Stokerybos

AOD 12years


Bonet Van't Stokerybos

Born 2002/living?


Erica Van't Stokerybos

Born 2005/living?


Xzorba Van'T Stokerybos

AOD 12years


Auda Van't Stokerybos

AOD 9years?







Born 2009/living


Ola Odelsgutt



AOD 8,3years/lymfom


Zandrina's Gibson

AOD 9years


Ille Ville Isprinsesse av Hiselfoss

AOD 8years/gastro rotation

Martell Noblige



Born 2006/living?


Nøklebyåsen's Oliver Twist

AOD 8years/heart?


Wanakiska av Milkcreek

Born 2002/living?


8 weeks

The puppies have left for their new homes, and they all seem to have settled down very well. I am so happy because all the new owners have a lot of experience with dogs. I am sure all the puppies will be taken very well care of, and I hope all the best for the future!

I will make new pages for each and everyone soon - I hope!


Leo Lillemann will live with the Haugen family at Lena in Norway. He is their third bernese, and Leo has settled down very easy!

Letizia Virgili is the new owner of Lucky Strike Linus. She came all the way from Italy together with Laura Bernetti to pick him up. Linus will have company from several berneses at home.

Lillebror Messi did not have very long trip to his new home. Sander, Mia and Maria will give Heidi Skaug helping hands with Messi. I have known Heidi since I got my first bernese in 1991. I am so happy for Messi and his new family!

I got my first bernese in 1991, and Agneta had her first bernese from the same breeder in 1992. Together with Ketil she has had several after that. Emma, Frida and Noa will have a new playmate in Ludvig Lillemann!

Peter and Maria have taken Leonora Lillemin back home to their Kennel Harthin in Denmark. Lillemin does not seem to have any problem at all beeing Danish!


Lisbeth Madland has had bernese many years ago, but at the moment there is a newfoundland back home in Kristiandsand which will keep Thelma company!


7 weeks

What a day! I started the day giving the puppies a bath and grooming them, making them ready for new pictures. I must admit I lost a bit of my patience in the end of the photo section. I can not understand why people are so afraid that the puppies will disappear - these are not even far away enough for me to take the pictures. Sometimes I feel like I have seven sharks between my feet...

The mum is relaxed...

Leonora Lillemin (1) 8500gr

Lou Lou (2) 7750gr

Lykkeliten (3) 7450gr

Leo Lillebror (1) 7300gr

Lucky Strike Linus (2) 7850gr


Lillbror Messi (3) 7800gr


Ludvig Lillemann (4) 7900gr

...actually she is playing dead!

I need a glass of wine............or two!

6 weeks

Until now I have taken the pictures all by myself, but this time Toril Brynestad was kind enough to give me a helping hand. And for all of you who think it is easy....it's NOT! The puppies have to stay nicely, the camera should be in focus and the handler out of focus!

Except from this, the puppies are doing great. The don't care at all about the rain, but the breeder is not that satisfied. I would like to see some more sun.

Leonora Lillemin(1) - 7100gr

Lou Lou(2) - 6150gr

Lykkeliten (3) - 6200gr



Leo Lillebror (1) - 5800gr

Boy 2 - 6250gr

Boy 3 - 6500gr

Boy 4 - 6200gr


5 weeks

It has been one of those most beautiful days. It is summer, sunshine, good friends and the puppies have spend all day outside. The adults take good care of them, and benefit jobs in between. Mum is feeding them, Ola learn them how to behave, Hermine is a kind of reserve mum and Ådne plays with them (and steal their toys). I have given them a bath and grooming. This must be the most exclusive summer job ever!

Girl 1 (5796gr)

Girl 2 (4929gr)

Girl 3 (4917gr)



P4 etterlyser den beste sommerjobben, og den tror jeg at det er jeg som har.

Pusler rundt med hundene på en strålende sommerdag et steinkast fra sjøen. Fjorden ligger blikkstille og solen skinner. Bedre kan man ikke ha det!

Boy 1 (4614gr)

Boy 2 (5010gr)

Boy 3 (5066gr)

Boy (4918gr)


4 weeks

There is nothing wrong in our appetite. Maybe it depends on lots of fresh sea air? Anyway, we enjoy life and are well taken care of by our herd.


Girl 1 (4046gr)


Girl 2 (3624gr)


Girl 3 (3506gr)


Boy 1 (3325gr)


Boy 2 (3590gr)


Boy 3 (3630gr)


Boy 4 (3600gr)


3 weeks

Big things happen! We have moved together with our family to the summer house out by the ocean! We have our puppy play pen in the living room - nice. It's a lot to look at, and always somebody to keep us company. Ådne - our uncle - steals our toys, but we think that is OK. We have been introduced for fresch meat, and it tasted real good.

Girl 1 (2339gr)

Girl 2 (2178gr)

Girl 3 (2120gr)





Boy 1 (1957gr)

Boy 2 (2028gr)

Boy 3 (2230gr)

Boy 4 (2120gr)


2 weeks

Busy days at work, but very soon - holiday...... Lucky for me that Vesla is at home taking care of her babies. They are doing fine, and today they got their first treatment for worms.

Girl 1 (1449gr)

Girl 2 (1370gr)

Girl 3 (1274gr)









Boy 1 (1237gr)

Boy 2 (1373gr)

Boy 3 (1402gr)

Boy 4 (1365gr)

1 weeks

It is easy to be a breeder with such a great mum. My only job so far is to keep them company, and to change blankets in the puppy box!

Girl 1 (1012gr)

Girl 2 (899gr)

Girl 3 (832gr)





Forvert søkes til en av tispene!


Boy 1 (814gr)

Boy 2 (851gr)

Boy 3 (905gr)

Boy 4 (926gr)



Vesla had ten puppies, but unfortunately three of them were born dead. We are so sorry for those we lost, but very happy and proud of this litter!

Girl 1 (614gr)

Girl 2 (530gr)

Girl 3 (548gr)





Boy 1 (493gr)

Boy 2 (526gr)

Boy 3 (532gr)

Boy 4 (542gr)