M-litter av Hiselfoss

f. 12.08.2012

(CH Nøklebyåsen's Ådne - CH Hermine Hufsetufsa av Hiselfoss)

Ådne 14mnths old


Hermine 2 years old




N DKuch



Born 2011 /living





CH Ola Odelsgutt



AOD 8years/cancer




AOD 9years


Ille Ville Isprinsesse



AOD 8/gastro rotation





Born 2008/living

Greta Garbo



AOD 8/cancer




Born 2004/living





Hermine Hufsetufsa



Born 2012/living


Vebjørn Viking



AOD 6 years/ eosinofil enteritt


Caspar Casanova

Born 2004/living


Enslige Evelina

av Hiselfoss

AOD 10 years


Tapre Trultemor



Born 2006/living





Ille Ville Isprinsesse



AOD 8/gastro rotation


8 weeks

Da har de fleste valpene flyttet til sine nye hjem. Det er fortsatt to igjen her, men Lollipop reiser på fredag og Ma Baker neste uke. Da kan jeg kose meg litt med dem til da -lettere å kose seg med to enn ni. Jeg synes disse valpene ser veldig bra ut, men så er de også linjeavlet på hunder som Sennetta's Sixten, Dalaled's Darkwin, Ille Ville Isprinsesse av Hiselfoss og Be My baby av Hiselfoss. Veldig pene hunder alle sammen, og med en pen mamma og flott pappa burde utgangspunktet være veldig bra - tiden vil vise!Noen har litt lyse øyne, men det er ingen stor overraskelse for meg. Det som jeg veldig fornøyd med er at de stort sett har latt meg sove hele natten fra 10 PM til 8 am.

Jeg håper alle sammen kan bringe mye glede og moro for sine nye eiere.

Lykke til alle sammen!

Then, most of the puppies have moved to their new homes. There are still two left here, but Lollipop will be traveling on Friday and Ma Baker next week. In the meantime I can enjoy myself a little with them - easier to do it with two than nine. I think these puppies look very good, but they are also line bred at dogs as Sennett's Sixten, Dalaled's Darkwin, Ille Ville Is Prinsesse av Hiselfoss and Be My Baby av Hiselfoss. Very nice dogs all together, and with a pretty great mom and dad the initially should be very good - time will tell! Some have a little bright eyes, but it's no great surprise to me. What I am really happy with is that they have largely let me sleep all night from 10 PM to 8 AM.

I hope everyone can bring a lot of joy and fun for their new owners.

Good luck to everyone!

Morgan Kane has moved home with Elisabeth and Jens Marius på Møre. They had their first BMD after the puppies grandfather Ola who unfortunately died from Borelia. At home they one more BMD, male 18 mnths.


Ma Baker moved to Tsjekkia, and lives with Iveta, Roman and her big brother Iver Iceman av Hiselfoss.



Mini Marmaduke has moved with Ekatarina to Moscow. They have three more males at home, so he will not ne lonely.

Dark and beautiful as his dad!


Mister Milton lives in Heggedal with Martin and Rigmor. If he feels lonely at home, he can just cross the street and visit Liv and Gunnar. At their home he will be taken care of from several BMDs.


Torbjørn and Marianne will give Man In The Mirror "Mons" a lot walks in the mountains together with their four other berneses at home.I will not be suprised if I see him at a show or two either!



The Lynnes family in Bærum have not had a BMD since 1991 - just in time now then! Money For Nothing will show up some courses in the future, and he will see his brother Milton at local meetings.


I think Hermine was about four mnths when Britt asked for a puppy from her. In the end Børje and Britt took Misty My Melody back home to Hamar. I guess Misty will never be alone, she share her hoem with another BMD, an eurasier and two shih tzu.


Man On The Corner went to Spain. Carol, Javier and Aika are taking well care of the new member of their family.



My Boy Lollipop will have a lot of company at Catalina's in Buenos Aires. It was a long trip, but Boy arrived safe and happy!

Follow him in the future at





7 weeks

We are going into the last week for most of the puppies at Hiselfoss, and we will prepare for departure to their new homes. The puppies have had their names, and as you can see, they are not traditional Hiselfoss names. I'm starting to go a little out of appropriate Norwegian names, so now it's the Grand Dane Maramduke and good old songs that have contributed - and who has not heard about Morgan Kane? Thanks to Mille and Britt for ideas.

The puppies expand their horizon outdoor, eat like little horses and are quiet throughout the nights. They are really fairly quiet during the day as well, but some seizures they have by shifts - of course.

Morgan Kane


Ma Baker



Mini Marmaduke


Mister Milton

Man In The Mirror


Money For Nothing


Misty My Melody


Man On The Corner


My Boy Lollipop




6 weeks

It's a hard work to be a mum of nine puppies, but Hermine is doing it very well. Today we took some pictures, both outside and inside. Not all of them were a success, but we will try again tomorrow in daylight. Their weights will be taken when they go to sleep later tonight!

Nothing as beautiful as a BMD puppy face.

No.7 is relaxed when his watching his sisters and brothers playing around!





No.1, male (5200gr)

No.2, female (5500gr)

No.3, male (5700gr)

No.4, male (5600gr)

No.6, male (6000gr)

No.7, male (5300gr)

No.8, female (5600gr)





No.9, male (5600gr)

No.10, male (5500gr)


5 weeks

Lucky us - we have a father who takes care of us,.

No.1, male (3848gr)

No.2, female (4070gr)

No.3, male (4164gr)

No.4, male (3913gr)


No.6, male (4440gr)

No.7, male (3820gr)

No.8, female (4137gr)

No.9, male (4004gr)

No.10, male (4097gr)

and of course, mum too.....


4 weeks

The puppies are already four weeks old, and we begin to look like real dogs. We have taken our first step outside, and thought it was quite nice to be on the front porch. Hopefully the wheater will be nice and we can spend a lot of time out there!

We eat well, and we begin to make sense of our table manners. It doesn't longer looks like we have taken a bath after every meal.

No.1 - male (2746gr)

No.2 - female (2782gr)

No.3 - male (2887gr)

No.4 - male (2685gr)


No.6 - male (2990gr)

No.7 - male (2575gr)

No.8 - female (2856gr)


No.9 - male (2775gr)

No.10 - male (2852gr)

3 weeks

We have moved from the nursery room into the kitchen. This last week we have got raw meat once a day, but today we even got som ProPlan. It was ok too, but the meat is better - and mums milk is the best!

No.1 - male (1745gr)

No.2 - female (1994gr)

No.3 - male (1869gr)

No.4 - male (1836gr)

No.6 - male (1905gr)

No.7 - male (1730gr)

No.8 - female (1880gr)

No.9 - male (1797gr)

No.10 - male (1774gr)

2 weeks

I do not feel too good at the moment. This week one of the puppies (no.5) died. In a way he came under his mum and did not make it. I could see that his head was laid on - too bad! I guess things like this happen, but actually I thought they were too old for that now. I thought this was things I should worry about the first week.

The other puppies are doing fine. In a few days I will introduce them for some raw meat -  I guess they will like it.

By the way - next week the updates will be done Monday!

No. 1 -male (1143gr)

No. 2 - female (1254gr)

No. 3 male (1225gr)

No. 4 male (1244gr)





We miss you!

I am so sorry, and I can not help blaming myself. I know I have saved you several times before because you liked to crawl under your mum, but this time I was not there for you!

No. 6 - male (1132gr)

No. 7 - male (1140gr)


No. 8 - female (1225gr)

No. 9 - male (1139gr)

No. 10 - male (1090gr)


1 week

The M puppies are one week old, and they are fine. Hermine had some fever in the beginning, but now she is fine again. She is a very good mum fo rher puppies. They are all increasing their weights every day, but not that much. I'll let Hermine takes care of it for some more time before I start giving them something extra!

M1 - boy ()

M2 - girl ()


M3 - boy ()

M4 - boy ()


M5 - boy ()


M6 - boy ()

M7 - boy ()

M8 - girl ()

M9 - boy ()

M10 - boy ()

Hermine gave birth to eleven puppies during 10 hours. Unfortunately the last puppy was born dead, but we have two girls and eight boys very much alive. Hermine takes very good care of them, and actually eight of them increased their weights the first 24 hours. The last two lost 3 gram....

This is a line breeding at both CH Ille Ville Isprinsesse av Hiselfoss and CH Be My Baby av Hiselfoss, and not to forget CH Sennetta's Sixten. We have a very good feeling for this combination - it is a lot of great dogs at the puppies pedigree.

The pictures are taken when they are one day old!

M1 - boy (512gr)

M2 - girl (536gr)

M3 - boy (470gr)

M4 - boy (542gr)

M5 - boy (552gr)

M6 - boy (497gr)

M7 - boy (441gr)

M8 - girl (481gr)

M9 - boy (412gr)

M10 - boy (451gr)