Ma Baker



b.12.08.2012 - d.19.08.2021

HD 0/0    AA 0/0   OCD free

(CH Nøklebyåsen's Ådne - CH Hermine Hufsetufsa av Hiselfoss)


Thursday 19.08.2021 was a sad day for Iveta and her family - and of course for me.

In the morning Ma Baker was happy and ate her breakfast - when Iveta came home from work her big love was dead.

Thank you so much for loving and taking so good care of her all these years.

July 2013

Iveta and Roman came all the way from Tsjekkia to pick uo their little girl. They also Have CH Iver Iceman av Hiselfoss who will help them to take care of this girl!