Nina Nugatti



f.21.1.2013 - 26.3.2017 (acute renal failure)

HD A     AA A

(CH Nøklebyåsen's Ådne - CH Bedårende Bodil av Hiselfoss)

Nina moved to Eva, Tommy and their children at Riiser farm in Trøgstad in July 2015. She has settled down very well.

Nina had a short but lovely life with Eva & co. She is deeply missed, and will never been forgotten. Her death came out of nowhere

Nina and Ketil Aasland

Nina stayed three extra weeks here, and she was tha last to go for her new home. She will live in the middle of Norway, at a farm with a lot of people around all the time - even some cats! I hope she and her new family will get along well!


Nina eight weeks old