Pytt Pytt



b.28.03.2014 - d.20.09.2021

HD A     AA A

SH pre test C

Approved mental test

(CH Zenedin Zenedan av Hiselfoss - CH Hermine Hufsetufsa av Hiselfoss)

Pytt Pytt was suddenly sick, and after a few days Toril realized it was nothing to else to do.

He had "something" both in the lever and in the spleen, he had lost six kilos in three weeks, stopped eating during the weekend and the tail stopped wagging.

Toril (and me) are heartbroken. We were both sure that he should live forever.

The most crazy, happy and gentle dog!

Kan være et bilde av hund og natur

En siste hilsen til en av Toril sine aller beste venner,enestående og dypt savnede Pyttungen,Pytt Pytt av Hiselfoss!


August 2021

One of the most gentle bernese I know has got himself a brand new roomate.

His pet name is Unique

Bildet kan inneholde: en eller flere personer, hund og utendørs

Pytt Pytt doesn't enter the show ring very often, but when he does......

Østfoldtreffet 2020, judge: Freddy S.Christensen, N

exl2/7, CQ in champion class

Bildet kan inneholde: hund, himmel, hav, utendørs, vann og natur

April 2020

Bildet kan inneholde: hund og utendørs

April 2020

Bildet kan inneholde: hund, utendørs, natur og vann

April 2020

Pytt is visiting his puppies.


Two very nice puppies from Pytt - six weeks old


Bildet kan inneholde: tre, hund, himmel, utendørs, natur og vann

February 2020


According to the owner - the happiest dog ever!

Pytt enjoys a few days of winther January 2020


Bildet kan inneholde: utendørs og natur


Pytt'n, soon five years old

Bildet kan inneholde: tre, snø, hund, himmel, utendørs og natur
Bildet kan inneholde: snø, tre, hund, utendørs og natur


Bildet kan inneholde: hund, himmel, utendørs og natur

Bildet kan inneholde: himmel, utendørs og natur

4years 8months old

Pytt'n with his handler (the best) at speciality August 2018.

He was no.4 in champion class with CQ


Toril Brynestad sitt bilde.

Four years old


Det kostet ikke Pytt'n mange kalorier å gå til kløvmerket i bronse - flink gutt og eier (som fikk hjelp av Mona underveis)

Kravet er en dagstur på min 10km med 15% av hundens vekt i kløven!

Toril Brynestad sitt bilde.

Pytt'n four years old


Toril Brynestad sitt bilde.

October 2017

Toril Brynestad sitt bilde.

April 2017

Toril Brynestad sitt bilde.


Toril Brynestad sitt bilde.

January 2017

December 2016


April 2016


Pytt Pytt - two years old

The coat is getting better every day, and at this moment Mona K. Bakken did miracles with him :)


18 months old, and we hope the coat will come before winter does ;)

11 months old

October 2014

Pytt'n seven months old - October 2014


5 months old



Pytt'n BOB at his first puppyshow. Speciality at Moelv 2014



12 weeks and just awesome - in Toril and my opinions ;)


12 weeks old


8 weeks

Pytt Pytt is eight weeks old and ready to go with Toril Brynestad til Eidsvoll. Nellyvill's Just A Flirt is so happy to get company from one with four legs again - except from the cats. I guess I will get a few sms' and pictures every day with updates ;)

I am so happy that Toril wanted me to be co-owner, and I think it will be now problems with that. We had witnesses from Norway and Sweden when we signed the agreements - we do hope that is enough!


Poor guy with his crazy owners!

Thank you Joy at Calmariten's Kennel in Sweden for all the pictures!


7 weeks

Pytt Pytt is an independent little boy who goes his own ways. Always very happy with his wagging tail.

If not Torill had decided where this beautiful boy should stay long before he was born............


6 weeks

Pictures: Toril Brynestad


"Wait for me - mum!"



5 weeks

I am happy!

Me and the laundry are blowing in he wind

Lilli and me

I may be eight days younger, but it doesn't stop me!

All pictures are taken by my owner Torill Brynestad - thank you!


4 weeks

Pytt Pytt 4 weeks and 2 days old. He is doing great, and spend the days together with the other puppies. The nights he has his mum all by himself ;)

3 weeks

You and me, mum!

Me and my dear rabbit!


I can hear the other puppies at the floor, and I think I am soon ready to meet them.


2 weeks

Happy Easter everybody!

If you look at the picture to the left you may see how I look after eating. With my my tounge out and my eyes half open - very tiered! My breeder is a bit worried because this is all I do - eat and sleep! I have increased my weight with 1,2 kilos after birth. Scary for her, but I do not care - I am very satisfied!


1 week

Our boy is not small at all anymore. In five days he increased his weight with 50%. It is facinating to see how he is growing. His weight gain is not only that he is eating a lot and get a big belly, but we can actually see his bone and all grow.


New born

New born little boy

This little boy had to get help into the world, and in addition he is the smallest puppy which has been born here with us. I was very distressed and worried when I was back home from the veterinary, but it was soon apparent that he was a vigorous boy.After only three days he has already increased his body weight by 50 percent.

We hope everything works fine in the future!

Hermine is a very good mum, and he will not miss company when he will need that. Bodil has her puppies - which are eight days older - next to him and Hermine.

In the meantime this rabbit keeps me company during the few minutes mum is gone from me!


dad - Baltus

mum - Hermine





Hermine Hufsetufsa



Born 2010/living


Vebjørn Viking



AOD 6years


Yanabo's Caspar Casanova



Enslige Evelina av Hiselfoss

AOD 10years


Tapre Trultemor



Born 2006/living


Macis Houston

dead car accident


Ille Ville Isprinsesse av Hiselfoss

AOD 8years/gastro rotation



Zenedin Zenedan



Born 2008/living


Ola Odelsgutt



AOD 8 years +


Zandrina's Gibson

AOD 9years


Ille Ville Isprinsesse av Hiselfoss

AOD 8years


Lulla Lunekjær



Born 2003/living


Honey-Mix Bravo

AOD 11years

Hanna Hottentott

av Hiselfoss

AOD 10years