The showsystem in Norway

Junior class; 9-15months

Young dog; 15- 24months

Open class; From 24 months and up

Championclass; Open for norwegian champions, and champions from other countries who are champion in their  own country

Veteran class; Open for dogs from 7 years old

Breeders class; Open for a group of 4 dogs from the same breeder

Progeny class; Open for a male/female with 4 offsprings


The show starts with the junior (JK) males! Everyone who get a 1th prize quality will be back in the junior competition class(JKK) where they are placed from no.1-5. The judge may give a prize of honour(HP) to who he thinks are promizing, and they will be back later in the winner class(VK).

Then is the young dog(AUK), and they go through the same procedure into the competition class(AUKK).

All the dogs in the open class(AK) will get their quality prize. The ones with the 1th prize will compete with the juniors and the young dog - who have got a prize of honour - in the winner class(VK). They will be placed from no.1-5, and the judge may give the CAC for no.1 and ck  for those he thinks have champion quality.

The champion class(CHK) will not get quality judgement, but are placed from no.1-5. The judge may give ck for the dogs he thinks have champion quality.

Veteran class(Vetk); They get quality judgement and they who get 1th prize will be placed from no.1-5. The judge may give a prize of honour(HP), or even better a ck! The best male veteran will compete with the best female veteran for Best Veteran!

At the end we have the Best Male(BHK) / Best Female(BTK)! The winner of the CAC and everyone with CK compete for the Best Male / Female. They are - again - placed from no.1-5.

The Best Male will compete with the Best Female for the Best Of Breed (BOB). No.2 is Best Of Opposite (BOS)


To become a Norwegian Champion(Nuch)the dog needs at least three CACs from three different judges. One of the CACs most be taken at one of the international dogshows by the Norwegian Kennel Club, or from our speciality at Geilo!

The last CAC has to be won after the age of two years!