I-kull av Hiselfoss


(Sire: N S DK NORDuch Tertzo's Kotori - Rikke Rimtusse av Hiselfoss)






Tertzo's Kotori

Born 2007-living


Warre Diesel

V't Rijkenspark

Born 2005-living


Barancourt van de Weyenberg



Doesja van 't Rijkenspark

AOD 8years


Tertyzo's Tinkerbell

Born 2004-living

Tertzo's Timba


Tertzo's Pallas Athene

AOD 7years/anuerisme



Rikke Rimtusse



Born 2006-living


Odenhills Frodo

AOD 5years/poisoning


Macis Zam Mont Morzy

AOD 9years


Odenhills Enya

AOD 7years/cancer


Chianti Catinka av Hiselfoss

AOD 8,5 years/kidney flaw


Sennetta's Sixten

AOD 8years/borrellia

Simiti's After Eight

AOD 8years/bone cancer

8 weeks old

Isabel is still here with us for another week, but the others have moved in with their new families. They have all settled down very easy!

Imperial Ixzeus - 8900gr


Ixus went home to stay with Kaizer and the Pettersen family.


Irma went home with her mum to live Håvard and Anne when she was 7 weeks old. They will be co-owners to me!

Ille Søte Irma - 7weeks old

Inredible Inca - 8400gr


It was not easy to get a picture of this two girls together, but finally...

June 2011


Iver is safe back home with Iverta and Roman in Tsjekkia

Iver Iceman - 8500gr



Izzy feels at home in Treungen together with Anikken and her family


Tove Aarum does not live far away, in fact very close to our summer house. Lucky for her, she even has her grandchildren in the house next door. They will help her taking care of Mira.



Lucky me - I got the possibility to give a puppy away to Kåre and Tove Sandtangen. I am sure Birka will be just as spoiled as every other dogs they take care of are!




Isabel is ready to go to Italy with her bodyguards Marino, Flavio and Marco!

Italian Isabel - 8400gr

7 weeks old

I will be off for some matings during the next days, so this is all from us this week.

Nearly 7 weeks old!

6 weeks old

After grooming!

I'm not that sure about the weights - actually the weight is only for 5000gr.

No.1 male - 5900gr


No.2 female - 5440gr



No.3 female - 5570gr

No.4 male - 5675gr


No.5 female - 5320gr


No.6 female - 5600gr



No.7 female - 5410gr




The model was lost!


No.8 female - 5350gr


5 weeks old

One is missing - she run away!


No.7 and no.6 are looking into the kitchen



No.1 male - 4598gr

No.2 frmale - 4084gr

No.3 female - 4265gr

No.4 male - 4091gr

No.5 female - 44083gr

No.6 female - 4320gr

No.7 female - 4067gr

No.8 female - 4047gr

4 weeks old

A lot of things happen every day. There is no concern about theappetite, and we can almost see they are growing from day to day. The puppies have gently poked their noses outside the door, but they do think it's a bit cold yet. Spring is approaching, and hopefully it is not long before we can spend much of the day outside on the porch.


No.1 male - 3120gr

No.2 female - 2912gr


No.3 female - 2950gr


No.4 male - 2788gr

No.5 female - 2856gr

No.6 female - 3095gr


No.7 female - 2849gr

No.8 female - 2814gr


3 weeks old

We have moved up to the rest of the herd, which especially Hermine finds very exciting. We eat well with the meat we get served well, but we are very greasy in the coat afterward. We had to have a real wash before the photo audition today. We impressed by sitting very nicely while the breeder took all the pictures of us. Then we got deworming - it tasted OK.

No.1 - male (1991gr)

No.2 - female (1829gr)

No.3 - female (1995gr)

No.4 - male (1805gr)

No.5 - female (1850gr)

No.6 - female (2060gr)


No.7 - female (1812gr)

No.8 - female (1773gr)

Good night - see you next week!


2 weeks old

No.1 (male) - 1106gr

No.2 (female) - 1034gr

No.3 (female) - 1208gr

No.4 (male) - 1030gr

No.5 (female) - 1142gr

No.6 (female) - 1204gr

No.7 (female) - 1083gr

No.8 (female) - 1010gr

1 week old

There are no problems taking pictures when you have a great helper...

No.1 - male

No.2 - female


No.3 - female


No.4 - male


No.5 - female

No.6 - female


No.7 - female


No.8 - female



Four days old

We are relaxed, and don't care that much about the skiing in Oslo


Rikke gave birth to two males and six females in 11 hours. She started in the evening, and the alst one was born at 6 o'clock in the morning next day.

The puppies have good markings and are looking nice so far. Their weight were from 491gr - 546gr